Severe weather always takes us by surprise. But in every situation, preparation ahead of time is key. While not every storm damage can be prevented, it decreases the risk of other problems from occurring. Go over these tricks and have a clean, safe and dry home even during bad weather.
  1. Inspect your yard.

Expect the worst to happen. When you see dangerous tree limbs hanging, don’t hesitate to remove them. Yes, trees are good for the nice weather but they can pose risks during severe weather. It’s better to be guided by a professional to make sure that the trees in your yard are in good shape or they need more pruning.
  1. Move in your outdoor furniture.

Just like the trees in your yard, the outdoor furniture you have around can be equally dangerous. Make sure they are stored steadily to avoid future damage and mess.
  1. Put on outdoor and indoor mats.

It is very useful to place outdoor and indoor mats at home. It’s like a filtering system. During bad weather, everyone in your household can welcome so many unwanted things inside the house if you don’t have these mats around. Mud, leaves, germs, name it.
  1. Get rid of the clutter.

When storms strike, it can be quite alarming. When your family needs to retreat to temporary shelter in your home, clutter can get in the way. So before that happens, make sure to inspect and remove these clutter.
  1. Take flood preventive measures.

Water is expected to rise during rainy days. You have to prepare and initiate preventive steps to protect your home from flood. First, you may want to check if there is good drainage outside your house. Make sure the downspouts are pointed away from your house. Climb up your roof and sweep off leaves or other foreign objects. This will stop water from getting stuck in your roof and cause roof leaks. It is ideal to have good preparations before severe weather strikes to avoid its devastating consequences. Have you thought of other things to prep up before the bad weather comes?