Small homes are an excellent place to live in. But let’s face it, despite how comfortable and cozy they feel, they’re a bit hard to decorate, and some spaces feel a bit constricted. 

Luckily, you don’t really have to tear down walls to make your space look a lot wider and brighter.

How You Can Make Your Home Wider and Brighter

Making the most out of a small space can be a lot of trouble. . All you have to do is follow these tips and tricks to make use of the space you already have but make it brighter, wider, and overall, better! 

Strategize Where to Place Your Mirrors

Mirrors are one of the best ways to make your space look wider than it actually is. How you place your mirrors and how big they are is the key to a brighter and wider space.

Make sure to use large mirrors that are able to reflect the light back into your space. Mirrors will reflect more light, create the illusion of movement, and expand the size of your area. Another clever tip is to strategically place a mirror at the end of a narrow hallway to give the impression that it is wider.

Floor-length mirrors, mirror-covered closet doors, or wall-mounted tiny mirrors are all options that you can use for your home, depending on how big your space is.

Make Sure You Have a lot of Natural Lighting

Natural light instantly makes a room look larger and brighter. Light and bright walls are much more reflective, creating the impression of openness and airiness, which amplifies the appearance of natural light. 

Meanwhile, darker colors are known to absorb light, making a space look much more cramped than it actually is. 

Proper Lighting is Key

Lighting is definitely key to making a room look more open and bright. Despite already having natural light, you should always make use of other multiple light sources because you won’t have natural light 24/7. The more light, the better!

Start by adding primary light sources, like overhead lighting, all over your space. Then, you can also add secondary light sources, such as lamps, around the room to ensure openness 24/7. 

Choose Your Decorations Wisely

When you have a tight space, adding decoration may be a hit or miss, depending on what kind of decoration you add. 

Decorate with the intention of making your space look wider and brighter because once you lose track of your goal, you’re going to end up with a lot of decoration that might work against your goal. So, when buying a piece of décor, double-check, heck, triple-check if you really think that it would make your space wider and brighter. Also, it’s okay to take your time when buying decorations. You don’t have to rush because once you start rushing, you might not get the right decoration for your space. 

In addition to making sure your decor fits your goal, make sure that it also fits your style so that you won’t get bored with it. Furthermore, rather than scattering the decor around the room, focus it on a select area, like an accent wall. Your space will appear larger if some surfaces and walls are left exposed.

Lighten Up Your Floors

As we’ve mentioned, darker colors tend to absorb light, making it seem that your space is much smaller than it actually is. So, dark flooring, walls, and ceilings can give the impression that a space is smaller and more enclosed. Painting the walls is simple, but replacing the dark floors will cost money. 

If you already have dark flooring, you can try installing brighter carpet padding or flooring over it to establish a brighter color scheme for the room as a quick remedy that will only cost a quarter of the cost of rebuilding the floor.

Use Low Furniture

If you have the budget to purchase new furniture, then purchase furniture that is low. This is because it leaves more free space overhead. Furniture that is typically lower can make a room feel much bigger.

Don’t Overdo Your Wall Decoration

Too much wall decoration can make a space look tighter and cluttered as opposed to a wall with little to no decoration. A space will feel more spacious if there are fewer items present. Therefore, a collection of paintings in the gallery style might not be the best option for a tiny space. To make the walls appear larger, pick a few artwork pieces and leave lots of room around each of them to make the space seem wider.

Use Neutral Colors for your Walls

A space can be instantly brightened by painting it in a soft, neutral color combination since lighter colors reflect light better. If you still want bold colors in your space, you can use brighter accents for decorations and furniture to make dramatic statements.

Final Thoughts

Making your space look wider and brighter isn’t as hard as you might think! By following our tips, you can instantly elevate your space!