Time is a valuable commodity for everyone. It’s worth its weight in gold as you often cannot get back time that you’ve lost. This is why the boring task of cleaning should always be sped up as much as possible, without sacrificing the quality of the job that you’ve done. Easier said than done right? 

Great Time Saving Cleaning Techniques You Need to Use Right Now!

Businesses often have to deal with the clutter, dirt and grime that comes with running a business. These messes are often an eyesore that you have to deal with on a daily basis, unless you use some of your precious time to clean the mess. But time is a valuable commodity. The less time you spend cleaning up your business, the more time you have left in the day  to increase your bottom line. 

But, doing it wrong can easily lead to having to redo the process over again, or make your cleaning process much more accident prone. Luckily we’ve got the most effective time saving cleaning techniques that will help you clean faster, without sacrificing quality or safety!

Choose the Right Materials and Tools

One of the easiest and most simple time saving cleaning techniques that commercial businesses tend to forget when cleaning is that the tools they have can make or break a process. You wouldn’t use a wrench to do a screwdriver’s job. Sure, you can get the job done with the wrench, but it would take much longer than if you used the screwdriver. The same can be said of your cleaning sessions.

You need to make sure that you have the right cleaning tools and materials to make the process go as quickly and as smoothly as possible. This does mean you need to have specialized tools to get something cleaned up quickly. But the time you save in the long run is worth it in the end.

Organization of Your Tools and Cleaning Materials Matters

It’s not just the tools and materials themselves you need to pay attention to when it comes to cleaning your business. You also have to pay attention to where these materials and tools are kept. Having them strewn about in the most random places isn’t going to make things easier for the person responsible for keeping the office spick and span.

Make sure that you have a dedicated area for all your tools and materials. Having a dedicated broom closet makes these tools easily accessible, and will prevent them from degrading. Especially since some cleaning chemicals will degrade when left in certain conditions.

Implement and Incentivize a “Clean as You Go” Policy for Your Business

Clean as You Go or CaYGo for short, is a fantastic way to save cleaning time for your business. It’s also one of the most simple time saving cleaning techniques.

Messes are often left behind by customers and workers when this policy is not in effect. More messes, means more time you have to invest in when it comes to making sure an area is clean.  However, some employees may still refuse to follow this. This is where a few incentives can come in. 

Incentivizing your employees to follow this policy, and to have them enforce it on your customers is a good way to motivate your employees to keep the CaYGo policy going strong. How you provide these incentives is up to you. A common way is to implement competitions where employees or departments in your business will compete to have the cleanest desks, office, or workspace. It’s a great way to motivate employees to do their due diligence in keeping your business clean and tidy.

Always Choose Frequent Cleaning Over Deep Scrubbing

A common issue that many businesses run into when it comes to messes is that these messes are often left to pile up. Only when the mess becomes difficult to ignore is when these businesses start cleaning up. However, this is a problem as bigger messes that have piled up tend to take much more time to clean, and you often need to dedicate someone to do the job. What’s worse is that these large messes might hide a few underlying issues that will require a specialist cleaner like Master Clean Group to fix.

This is why opting for short frequent cleaning sessions is often a great time saving cleaning technique. You can even combine it with the CaYGo technique we mentioned earlier for even greater effect.

Hire a Professional To Get The Job Done Fast

Not everyone is going to have the time and skills to get a cleaning job done quickly and that’s alright. Especially since a lot of messes may need specialized tools and expertise that your team might not just have access to. This is why professional cleaning teams like Master Clean Group are ready to handle these larger tasks that would either take you too much investment or time to do.

A professional cleaning team can quickly tackle most cleaning problems you have to deal with, giving you more time to handle what your business does most effectively – catering to your customers. 

Final Thoughts

Time saving cleaning techniques are a great way to help your business look cleaner, while also saving on precious time better spent at taking on the tasks of your business. We hope that these techniques will help you achieve quick and effective cleaning in the future!