Even if the office seems to be clean, we should be aware of that there’s still a chance that
harmful germs lurking around. Most of us know the implications of being exposed to these

Have you ever wondered what causes these germs to spread in your workplace? While there
are too many factors involved in the spreading of germs, we will be naming here the top

1. Sick employees coming into work.

Employees who are showing signs of illness should be sent home because they can
infect others. You don’t want to have an epidemic in the office. Employers need to see to
it that their employees who have fallen sick should be excused from work and receive
proper medication or treatment.

2. Improper handwashing

It is important for offices to implement handwashing guidelines similar to what we
observe in medical facilities. Keeping the hands clean is vital in preventing germs and
diseases to spread.

3. Dirty Workplace

There are areas which we should pay close attention to. These areas are usually the
most-touched in the office and should be disinfected on a regular basis.

Find out Where the Dirtiest Spots in Your Office Are

  • Door Handles – Well, every handle is frequently touched by many hands. Name it. It can
    be the microwave or the refrigerator door handle. All of these are jam-packed of germs.
  • Keyboards – Keyboards can make you sick. Don’t forget disinfecting it before using it.
  • Faucets – Before you can wash your hands, you first have to turn on the faucet. That’s
    the main reason why germs are all over the sink and faucet.
  • Chairs – Do you remember when was the last time your chair got cleaned? It may look
    really harmless but you don’t know what’s hidden in there.
  • Desks – Aside from what you put on top of your desk, you don’t know what falls on your
    desks. Studies suggest that office desks are hundreds of times dirtier than a toilet seat.

Next time you drop your food on your desk, you might want to think twice.