The office, unlike what we may feel about it, is a public place. And because we spend a lot of our time in the office, we often forget about that fact. We tend to think as if we’re at home but we should always be aware that it’s nothing like our homes.

The employees coming from their houses from different places gather here. Every common facility is being used by many people. We don’t know how much germs are lurking on every surface yet we think they’re all clean.

Even though the office looks harmless and clean, you have to think twice. Read on and discover the inconvenient truths in the office. Maybe you have no idea how jam-packed of germs the following are.
  1. Elevator Buttons

Everyone uses the elevator every day. Germs accumulate most especially on the buttons. You might as well nudge them with your elbow to avoid the spread of germs.
  1. Phones and Computer Keyboards and Mice

Talk about the most touched objects. Do you regularly clean yours? It is best to have cleaning tools and sanitizers near your terminal.
  1. Sink Faucet Handles

As we all know, all the hands of all the people in the office touch the faucet handles. You’re just trying to wash your hands but are they really being cleaned in the process?
  1. Microwave and Refrigerator Door Handles

The many hands and the combination of food make these terribly dirty. You have to be careful to become in contact with these germs.
  1. Coffee Makers

Aside from the microwave and refrigerator, let us not overlook the coffee makers. How often are these cleaned, really? Next time you grab your coffee, make sure to clean it after emptying the pot. Now you’re aware of some of the dirtiest spots in the office, try to be more careful next time. Sneezing and sniffles around the office could be a sign that you have to take part in disinfecting the everyday items you use.