The bathroom can be considered one of the most sacred parts of any residential home. It’s where you would handle most of your personal care, as well as where you would answer the call of nature if your porcelain throne is also in the bathroom. 

Proper Bathroom Care And You

Taking proper care of your bathroom should always be a top priority for any self respecting home owner. You wouldn’t want to take a shower or answer nature’s call in a filthy bathroom would you? Of course not! So we want to make sure that we give you some great bathroom care tips and tricks that will help you keep your bathroom clean and tidy, easier and faster!

Use Specific Cleaners for Each Part of Your Bathroom

A great tip that anyone looking to keep their bathroom clean and tidy is to make sure that you have the right cleaning chemicals for the job. Every type of cleaning chemical is meant for one surface on another and it is ill advised to use a cleaner on a surface it isn’t meant for. For example, a shower door cleaner isn’t going to do much if you use it to scrub the floor.  

Do Not Combine Cleaning Products With Each Other

One thing that many homeowners tend to make mistakes on is how they will combine cleaning products thinking that it will improve their effects. Fun fact, it often doesn’t and will lead to the chemicals within the different products to react negatively with each other.

Cleaning products are often made up of a specific chemical composition that could react violently with chemicals in other cleaners. For example, combining bleach with vinegar can create dangerous chlorine gas that has some nasty effects on your body. These include irritation to the eyes, and lungs, and also nausea.

Pay Close Attention to Tight Spots in Your Bathroom

A good thing to keep in mind when cleaning your residential bathroom is that not every stain or patch of mildew will be visible. You should always make sure that tight spots in your bathroom are frequently checked for any of these types of issues. This is because of how they can spread from these spots, and it could already be too late by the time you notice them. Remember, “out of sight, out of mind” isn’t necessarily a good train of thought when cleaning your bathroom.

Focus on Preventive Maintenance and Cleaning

A good idea to have when it comes to maintaining a bathroom is to focus on being preventive, rather than reactive. What do we mean by this? Let us explain:

Let’s say you have a pest problem in your bathroom. These pests are your typical cockroaches that tend to wander around in these areas. These cockroaches would very likely not be there in the first place if you had been paying closer attention to keeping the room neat and tidy. Now you either have to take care of the roaches, while also having to clean up the mess that attracted them in the first place.

Preventing an issue from happening is much better than having to clean up the mess that comes after. 

Keep Unnecessary Things Out of Your Bathroom

Many residential homes will have their bathroom’s kitted out with a lot of things. These can include the products you use for your personal care, any toys for children that your household may have, and even products to clean the bathroom itself, among other things. These actually contribute to the clutter within the bathroom itself if left out in the open. It could even lead to dangerous accidents as you no longer have enough space to move around in.

A good idea is to move most, or all of these objects out of your bathroom into a dedicated space in your home. Having a broom closet or cabinet are all great options to keep your bathroom tidy and clutter free.

Keep Your Bathroom Well Ventilated

A common issue for many bathrooms is green and often very difficult to scrape out of your tiles and walls: mildew. Mildew often grows in damp and humid areas like in bathrooms. However, a great way to keep them at bay is to make sure that your bathroom is well ventilated. 

Ventilation helps keep your bathroom as dry as it can be by making sure that the humidity in your bathroom is as low as it can be. Little to no water in the air means that the mildew will have a tough time taking root and will give you an easier time scraping any that may be already present.

Final Thoughts

Nothing is more soothing than knowing that you have the power to make your porcelain throne sparkle. With our tips and tricks for bathroom care, your bathroom will be guaranteed to be spot free!