Proviron instruction from bayer

The release form of the drug is blisters with white tablets. The package contains two blisters of 10 tablets (20 pcs). The concentration of the active substance in one tablet is 25 mg. The main component is meesterolone. You can buy bayer proviron uk in a pharmacy at an affordable price.

The use of Proviron in big sports is supported by its ability to prevent the manifestation of various side effects during the course of the steroid cycle. The active ingredient does not allow steroids to be converted during the aromatization period into the female hormone estrogen. Thus, completely eliminating the possibility of gynecomastia, and also prevents the accumulation of excess fluid, fatty deposits.

Proviron bаyer is impossible to buy in a regular pharmacy without a special prescription, according to indications. Therefore, athletes purchase the drug through highly specialized sports online stores. 

In order to avoid irreversible side effects and harm to health, purchases of such drugs should be carried out exclusively from trusted representatives who cooperate directly with manufacturers or with their authorized dealers.

However, athletes starting a course of steroid drugs need to take these costs into account in the budget.

Storage conditions for tablets: it is necessary to observe the temperature regime (25-27C), and also make sure that children and pets do not have access to the place in which the blisters are located.