The key to being called for an interview

What professional resume writing service includes

We know the process of selecting suitable candidates from within, because we ourselves daily select suitable employees for our clients from different business areas throughout Russia. Due to our extensive experience, we have a clear understanding of what kind of resume corresponds to the successful candidate. That is exactly the resume we will develop for you, as we are recognized experts in this field.

What we will do for you:

  • Evaluate your existing resume, showing you its weaknesses and the reasons you are not called for interviews;
  • Create a new resume that will interest the employer;
  • Create a cover letter. Statistically, resumes with it get 8 times more responses.

In order to compose an objective and maximally selling self-presentation, our specialist will meet with you or talk on Skype.

Why contact us?

We offer effective professional CV writing, because our specialists choose successful job applicants every day and know what employers pay attention to in the first place. We know the techniques of selection from within and compose documents that attract attention at all stages of decision making.

People turn to us because we:

  • Offer low prices for professional resume writing;
  • We follow the latest changes in the HR sphere and know what parameters of job seekers are important for recruiters at the moment;
  • We add your proposal to our CV database, from which we periodically select applicants for clients;
  • we help you send your resume to all recruiting agencies;
  • do not disclose confidential information and strictly adhere to the principles of business cooperation.