Move Out Cleaning

You might have waited so long for the day you are moving out of your apartment.

Moving out can mean having the ultimate fresh start. But before you can actually move out and move in to your new apartment, you first have to make sure that you will be leaving no trace in your old apartment– that is, if you want to claim your deposit.

It’s important to note that aside from cleaning, your landlord may pull an amount from your security deposit for anything that is out of order. It’s high likely that your landlord will be keen in inspecting your apartment, making your security deposit at stake.

You will then have to be on top of your move-out cleaning. You have to make sure that everything is carefully taken care of (aside from any electrical or plumbing issues).

For your convenience, here is a checklist of the areas and things that you should not forget when you have your apartment cleaned for the last time.

Generally, you will have to:

 Dust and wipe all surfaces

 Make the windows sparkling clean

 Remove all the screws, hooks or nails you’ve put on the walls

 Sweep, mop and vacuum

In the Kitchen:

 Cabinets, shelves and drawers

 Countertops

 All the appliances

 Sinks and faucet

In the Bathroom:

 Mirrors

 Toilet

 Shower and Bathtubs

 Tiles

 Sink

 Cabinets, shelves and drawers

In Common Living Spaces

 Walls

 Windows

 Switches and Outlets

 Carpets and Rugs

 Vents

 Doors

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In moving out of your apartment, remember that there will be new tenants to live in it.

Give your old apartment a fresh vibe before you leave. You can go through the list above or if you want a hassle-free moving, you can call in a professional home cleaning service to it all for you. Happy moving!