Office Cleaning

If you run a hospital or any medical facility around Tucson AZ area, you know how important it is to stay clean and not just look clean. It has to always stay clean to avoid dangerous germs lingering around putting you and your patients at risk.

Also, a messy medical office will leave a bad impression to your patients, making them think again whether your facility can provide the level of care they expect to receive.

Patients may not return back or may not even stay for the first time they visited your dirty office.

When you decide to hire a cleaning service, you should carefully filter bids from cleaning companies. While it can be tempting to go for the cheapest cleaning firm, you still need to thoroughly review their profile as you don’t want to entrust your medical facility only to general cleaning services who don’t have proper training in cleaning
medical offices.

We have put together some factors to consider when deciding which cleaning company to choose.

1. Do they have healthcare cleaning skills?

A medical office is different from other offices as it is a place where people go to get better and not to get worse. So it is fair enough for them to be aware of the proper disinfection methods and deep cleaning procedures to remove pathogens or germs from every room, all while making your facility look spotless. They need to have proper infection control strategies to prevent cross-contamination and healthcare-associated infections.

2. How experienced are they?

You shouldn’t go for an inexperienced cleaning service provider. Cleaning a medical facility requires the cleaning staff to have extensive training and enough experience. A well-experienced medical cleaning company will have a solid knowledge of the regulatory and compliance side of healthcare cleaning.

3. What cleaning products do they use?

Some chemical cleaners can be bad for allergies and possibly make people sicker. These harsh chemical cleaning products also negatively affect the environment. When choosing a cleaning company, ask first if they use EPA- approved cleaning products. The medical cleaners you should choose must be able to present to you a comprehensive and flexible plan carefully designed to meet your medical facility’s needs. Don’t just look at the cost, think of the long-term effects as well. The Master Clean Group, LLC has been providing professional cleaning services and maintenance services to the Tucson AZ area business community since 2004. Our highly-trained and well-supervised staff uses professional equipment and high quality, environmentally friendly cleaning products to clean your home or business! Contact us today at 520-440-7928!