Keeping your commercial property clean should be among your top priorities if you're a business owner. It is logical and even scientifically proven that a well-organized workplace is the best motivator in increasing productivity.

Besides, first impressions last. Having guests and customers/potential clients visit your workplace, proper order and cleanliness will be crucial in their impression of your business.

Here are 6 tips on how to clean your commercial space effectively:
  1. Organize paperwork
Organizing your paperwork is the key to keeping your workplace clean. There are several manners you can try like doing it alphabetically or by date. The important thing is, by organizing your paperwork, your office is not only neater but it also makes your job easier. In addition, you can also encourage your employees to save digital versions of documents when possible. This way leads to reduced paper usage and makes your office more eco-friendly.
  1. Dust often
Aside from posing health hazard for your employees, dust is also one of the easiest things to notice in your office.  Eliminate this menace to avoid negative impression. Dust often, remove clutters and use air purifiers.
  1. Disinfect restroom
Proper restroom disinfection is very important for the protection of your visitors and employees. Sinks, counters and floor should be swept clean frequently. Maintaining proper hygiene is also significant. Soap and towel dispensers must be refilled regularly.
  1. Carpet and Tiles
Office floors can get really dirty. Keep them clean by using a vacuum or mop. Clean office floors make your workplace look better after all.
  1. Empty Trash
Make sure to empty your trash after office hours to avoid bacteria and odor problems. Make it a group effort and designate different associates on different days.
  1. Hire a Commercial Cleaning Service
You can always keep your office space clean and presentable. If it’s too busy in your office, hire commercial cleaners to help you take care of your office space cleaning.