Businesses often strive to have an effective office layout to improve the productivity of their workers. However, your office’s layout isn’t the only contributing factor to worker productivity. How clean your office is can also affect how effective your workers are in their day to day tasks. So you need to make sure that you plan your office layout for maximum cleanliness.

Maximum Cleanliness With A Well Thought Out Office Layout

A clean office is a happy, productive office”. This is something that you need to keep in mind whenever you’re pushing for bigger and better results. Sadly this can be very difficult if your office layout isn’t optimized to keep things clean and tidy. We want to change that. 

This article will provide a few great considerations whenever you’re trying to optimize your office layout to be cleaner and better than before!

Keep an Eye on Hard to Reach Areas

A common problem that most businesses will encounter is space. You need to be able to fit in everything your business needs to function in the space that you have. However, this can create a future dilemma for you and your workers. 

Hard to reach areas in an office can be particularly difficult to clean. This is especially true if you have to move office equipment around to get to those areas. So you need to make sure that your office planning keeps in mind these areas. You either have to minimize them entirely, or have a plan in place to get to them without as much work. Speaking of cleaning plans…

Have a Cleaning Plan That Compliments Your Office Design

Regardless of how much space you have in your office, having a cleaning plan is essential. This cleaning plan must also compliment your office design, to minimize the workload and risk involved when cleaning. Having someone get into an accident while trying to get your office cleaned up is the last thing any business owner would want. 

Set Up Easily Accessible Cleaning Tool and Material Storage

We’ve previously mentioned how important it is to keep an eye on hard to reach areas in your office. These harder to reach areas make it more difficult for you to keep things clean and tidy. However, these areas shouldnt the only thing that should be easily accessible. You should also make sure that your cleaning tools and material storage is as accessible as the rest of your office.

Having easily accessible tools and materials can be the difference between a longer more arduous cleaning session, to a relatively quick and easy fix for your office’s cleanliness issues. So if you’re taking too long to take these cleaning materials and tools out of storage, then you might have to consider making them more accessible.

Constantly Improve and Change Your Office Layout

A key thing to remember whenever you’re trying to have an office layout for maximum cleanliness, is that it is a constantly evolving task. What do we mean by this? Let us explain:

As your business grows and expands, so too will the cleanliness needs of your office. With growth and change comes new challenges, which include your office’s cleaning needs. Sticking with a single layout could mean that these new cleaning challenges aren’t tackled in the most effective way. This is why you have to make sure that you constantly review, re-evaluate and improve your office layout as time goes on.


Having a great office layout is the key to having a cleaner and more productive office. With these layout improvements for your business in mind, a great office layout shouldn’t be much of an issue to achieve!