For us to see what needs to be cleaned up in a room, we will just be needing to take a glance. Are there clutters on the floor? Is there a pile of dirty dishes on the sink? If so, then you need to tidy up.

After you have taken care of the visible messes, how certain are you that your house is entirely clean? In this blog, we will be looking at the most overlooked places inside the house to be cleaned.

1. Underneath Furnitures

If you look under the couch, you may find dust around which can be easily cleaned with a vacuum. Next time, try checking the actual bottom of the furniture. You may be surprised at how dusty and dirty they’ve got.

2. Top of Doors, Cabinets and Others

Aside from checking underneath furniture, you may also want to take time looking up. From time to time, wipe clean the top of door frames, kitchen cabinets and picture frames. While you’re on it, you may also check the light fixtures and ceiling fans.

3. Walls and Baseboards

The walls may be the last place to look at when cleaning the house. However, once you take time to inspect your walls, you’ll be amazed at how filthy your walls may be. Lastly, pay close attention to the baseboards. These get too dusty without you even knowing.

4. Fan Vents

Aside from sucking up moisture, these vents also draw a fair amount of dust as well. To take care of this, you will have to remove the vent and soak it in your soapy solution and scrub it clean.

5. Books

Do you often dust your bookshelves at home but skip the books? When you have a lot of books at home that are left untouched for years, chances are they’re full of dust. Remove your books from the shelves occasionally and dust them completely. Do you want your house to be thoroughly cleaned? At the Master Clean Group, LLC, ur professional cleaning crew will work on removing construction dust, debris, paint, joint compound, stucco, etc. We do cleaning service work from single family homes to large commercial buildings. We have the expertise and skill set to do it professionally and with the safety of your property or business in mind. Contact us today at 520-440-7928!