Many of us had to stay at home when the pandemic first broke out. However, spending nearly every waking hour at home causes you to notice things you totally dismissed before. Like how messy your pantry must be, how disorganized your clothing is, how your socks are all over the place, and so on. You might be wanting to declutter your home after taking a good look at how messy everything looks. But how exactly do you do that effectively?

Decluttering Tips to Help Your Home Become More Organized

Keeping your home decluttered isn’t easy. Especially since you have a lot on your plate if you’ve left everything disorganized for so long. So today, we’re going to give you a few decluttering and organizing tips you should know to help you organize your home.

Donate Things and Clothes You Don’t Use

First things first, go all over your stuff and clothing and determine which ones you won’t be using. Ask yourself, “Will I use this within a year, a month, a week, a day?” And if all of your answers are no, donate it already. If you’re unsure whether or not you’ll use it, put it in a storage bin and organize all of the things you’re unsure of. 

If you don’t donate or throw away the things you’re not going to use anyway, they’ll just take up unnecessary space in your home that you can use for other useful things. So, if you don’t use it anymore and if it doesn’t give you joy, as Marie Kondo says, throw it away or better yet, donate it already.

Categorize All Your Clutter

When organizing your clutter, to make it easier for you, try to organize your clutter by category. Put all of your clothes in one pile, your children’s toys in another, and so on. By categorizing your clutter as you start your decluttering spree, it will help you to be much more organized, so you’ll know which goes in which bin.

Do Things Little by Little

If you’re too overwhelmed with all of your clutter, you can always organize your things little by little. You don’t have to have one big decluttering spree. Take small steps to avoid getting overwhelmed by everything you have to clean up. As long as you’re decluttering, then how long you declutter doesn’t really matter.

Optimize Your Storage Spaces

When decluttering and organizing your things, make sure that you optimize every inch of your storage. This will ensure that you’re using all of your storage space efficiently. 

Label Your Storage Bins

Labeling your storage bins is incredibly important, especially if you’re going to store a lot of things in your storage area. It’s a great way to keep things where they should be, while also preventing you from leaving things cluttered. This will help you to be much more organized and will help you find things much more easily.

Evaluate One Room at a Time

Just like how we mentioned that you can move at your own pace when you’re decluttering, to help with that, you can try to evaluate one room at a time. See if that room needs major decluttering or only a little bit here and there. See which rooms need to be organized because you really don’t have to flip your whole home if you don’t have the time and energy to do so.

Final Thoughts

Observe how if your home is decluttered, your mind is also cluttered. Decluttering and organizing your home will allow you to have a lot more space to think and feel much better about your home. So what are you waiting for? Start decluttering your home and keep everything organized today!