Continuing from the previous part, here we will be identifying the general cleaning mistakes we
might be doing and how to correct these.

Jot down and learn from these common mistakes you might actually be doing.

1. Rush cleaning

Most of us want get over with everything as quickly as possible. But as tempting as it may be, we should try to avoid cleaning too quickly. This doesn’t really get the job done. You might be missing spots or cleaning incorrectly when you do your cleaning hurriedly. Instead, set a time dedicated for cleaning. That way, you don’t have to rush and make your place dirtier in the process.

2. Window cleaning during a hot, sunny day

Yes, you read it right. Although a sunny day can feel like the perfect time for washing the windows, the extreme heat can cause your cleaner to dry even before you can finish cleaning. When cleaners get dry on your windows, streaks will be left on the surface. You may try washing your windows during cloudy days or quickly rinse your windows before they get dry with cleaners.

3. Forgetting to clean the most-touched spots in your home.

Be mindful of the most-touched areas in your home. While they may look clean, they are not how they appear to be. Some of these are the faucets and door handles. Everyone’s holding those! See to it that you’ll be including these spots in your list of items to clean.

4. Not keeping a house cleaning schedule

“I’ll clean it next time I have the free time.” How many times did we skip cleaning because we are just too busy? We might not notice it but by frequently setting aside cleaning, we get used to doing this and we end up settling with living in a dirty home. If cleaning in the weekends seems to be taking up all your time, you may try splitting the chores. For example, you can make a separate schedule for doing the laundry and another schedule for tidying up the rooms.