Although keeping our homes neat and tidy is a good thing, cleaning the right way would be
better. We are all aware that maintaining a clean house can take a lot of time and effort. So if
you plan on cleaning the house, you might as well do it properly and avoid routines that are
actually making it dirtier.

Here are the common cleaning practices that you might be doing in your homes that you should

1. Using the same dirty rag for wiping surfaces.

You might not be conscious that using the same rag for cleaning everything might get our house dirtier but it really does. What happens is that the germs from one place could be spread to the next spot you’re cleaning. You’re actually getting the whole place dirty without you knowing it.

2. Forgetting to clean your sponge.

Sponges can be really useful in cleaning. You use sponges on our dishes or on all other surfaces. However, you may often forget that these sponges get dirty, too. Since they are always damp, they tend to turn into a good breeding ground for bacteria. Cleaning a sponge is fairly easy. You just have to wash and rinse it well and submerge it in boiling water after.

3. Using dish detergents as multi-purpose cleaner

Dish soaps can be good in cleaning off grease and stains. However, this cleaner has limitations, too. They can leave streaks on windows and mirrors. It’s best to not skip on the right cleaning solutions for every application.

4. Putting back the toilet brush right after using it.

Toilet cleaning can be your least favorite thing to do. Just imagine what your toilet brush is going through, though. Avoid storing your toilet brush right away. Be sure to give it a good rinse and store it dry. Now you have been warned. Continue reading on the next part of this blog for other cleaning mistakes to stop doing.