Keeping your commercial office space clean and well organized is essential for many valid reasons. Not only does it help make your employees more productive and more efficient, it also provides a more favorable impression to your guests and potential clients. Moreover, having a well-maintained commercial office space can boost your overall business. 

It may sound fun and easy but in reality, it is a struggle for many business owners and managers to maintain a clean and hygienic commercial space. To help you stay on top of routine cleanings, we've created a commercial cleaning checklist for each area of your commercial space.


Make sure welcome mats or any front door decor are straightened out and tidy. Dust, sweep or mop anything that isn’t. Clean the front doors on both sides. Empty all trash receptacles and disinfect them. Replace liners. Wipe the reception counter, desk, telephone and other similar furniture with a disinfectant. Arrange magazines and make the coffee table presentable. Dust tables, chaira, lamps and other surfaces. Sweep, vacuum and/or mop the floors. Clean the carpets every few weeks.


Dust all the surfaces (shelves, cabinets, computer monitors, keyboards and others), and windows (including blinds, shades and window sill.) Clean window glass and other glass surfaces. Empty all trash receptacles and disinfect them. Replace liners. Wipe the desk, phone, chair arms, phone earpieces and other similar stuff with disinfectant. Remove anything that does not belong there (ex. Office kitchenware). Return to where it originally belongs. Dust HVAC vents. Sweep, vacuum and/or mop the floors.


Remove all unclaimed items from the refrigerator. (Notify other people so they can label their things) Wipe down refrigerator shelves with disinfectant. Wash counters with disinfectant. Make the countertop look presentable by organizing the items on it. Empty and clean coffee maker. Empty all trash receptacles and disinfect them. Replace liners. Wash dirty dishes in the sink. Clean and disinfect the sink and faucet. Sweep, vacuum and/or mop the floors.


Clean and disinfect toilets with toilet cleaner. Clean mirror with glass cleaner Wipe counter top and clean edges in the bathroom. Clean and disinfect all sinks. Wipe paper towel dispenser, wipe doors, wipe door handle's inside and outside and light switches. Make sure hand dryers are functioning properly. Refill toilet paper, paper towel, and soap dispensers. Sweep and mop bathroom floors with disinfectant.