5 Benefits of Using Professional Office Cleaning Services

If you have tried cleaning a commercial workspace before, you may know how challenging and tedious it can be to do so. However, there are actually reasons why doing it on your own can yield limited results alone. Cleaning an office is a lot more different than cleaning your home. This is why it is important to hire people who understand this concept better than anyone else. If that alone does not convince you, here are 5 more reasons why hiring professional office cleaning services is beneficial more than you think. Continue reading “5 Benefits of Using Professional Office Cleaning Services”

Why You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

If you have ever experienced trying to clean your own carpet – actual cleaning, not just vacuuming your carpet, I think you understand how difficult the entire process can be. While many people argue against hiring professional carpet cleaners, reasons for hiring them far outgrow and outnumber reasons not to. So without further ado, here are some of the reasons why you definitely need the help of professional carpet cleaners to clean your carpets at home. Continue reading “Why You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning Services”

8 Worth-it Reasons to Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Companies

There’s a different vibe added to any room when the floor is well-carpeted. Many homeowners and building owners use carpets as decor to achieve a certain style for any room. It increases comfort and at the same time prevent slip-and-fall accidents. With all the purposes it serves, it just makes sense to keep your carpeting as clean as possible. Continue reading “8 Worth-it Reasons to Hire Professional Carpet Cleaning Companies”

The Perks of Hiring Holiday Cleaners

Holiday Cleaners

Holiday season is just around the corner and every household must already be prepping up with all sorts of decorations, gift list, and fun activities for family and friends.

However, one thing most households fail to plan is hiring cleaning service during the holidays. Hiring holiday cleaners completes the “holiday experience” for you and your family. We have here a list of perquisites for you when you finally decide to get help from a cleaning service for the coming holiday season. Continue reading “The Perks of Hiring Holiday Cleaners”

The Worst Carpet Cleaning Tips for DIYers (continued)

Carpet Cleaning Services

Today, there are just too many information we can read online about almost anything.

The challenging part is to identify which ones we can trust. As you read on, you’ll understand why it can be tough to be a DIYer. You’ll realize later that getting help from a professional cleaner can be your best bet in cleaning without damaging your carpet.

Continuing from the previous article, here are more dreadful tips you may find in the internet.

 Hairspray does well not just with your hair, but with your carpet as well.

Can it get any crazier than this? Hairspray is good in fixing your hair, but your carpet? Does that even make sense?

Using hairspray on your carpet will only cause more stain. If you happen to believe this “cleaning hack”, the next thing you will be looking up online is how to remove hairspray stain from your carpet.

 Ammonia is a strong and effective solution for your dirty and stained

Along with other high alkaline solutions, ammonia can cause severe and permanent damage to your carpet. Ammonia is too strong that it can degrade carpet fibers and cause the color dyes to fade. You don’t want that to happen, do you?

This is also toxic. Applying ammonia on your carpet can be harmful for you and your family.

 DIY Carpet Cleaning tips on how to remove pet urine stains.

If you have pets, unless you train them, chances are, you’ll have smelly urine stains on your carpets. While it is normal to try and search online some methods in cleaning this up, it is still best if we call a professional cleaner to do it.

Pet urine is not something we try cleaning on our own. It has compositions that may damage the carpet fibers if not treated properly.

This list of DIY cleaning tips goes on. If you don’t want to be victimized by these, it is best to contact professional cleaning services before it gets worse.

Here are More Tips DIYers Should Avoid

The Worst Carpet Cleaning Tips for DIYers

Carpet Cleaning Services

There may be a lot of carpet cleaning tips and hacks that you can find on the internet. However, not all of these tips should be trusted. Which tips are actually useful and which ones can ruin your precious carpet?

Before you get into serious trouble with your carpet, we have here five of the worst carpet cleaning tips you should not attempt doing.

 Using vinegar as a natural way of cleaning your carpet

Vinegar can be used to clean many things. It is a disinfectant, after all. If you come to think of it, vinegar can be a great way to clean your carpet because it is all natural. Sadly, it won’t effectively remove your carpet stains.

In some tips, they suggest mixing vinegar with baking soda. This, however, won’t get rid of the dirt and stains either. When you mix vinegar with baking soda, you create a paste. Imagine applying that paste on your carpet. It will just add to the problem in the end.

Another variation is by having a mixture of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Doing this can turn awful as this mixture is toxic and may irritate your skin or may cause respiratory problems.

 Dish soap is a good cleaning solution for carpets as well.

As tempting as it may be, you should not try cleaning your carpet with dish soap. Dish soaps are made to wipe off grease and clean food from your plates. While it’s easy to rinse dish soap in your plates and utensils, it’s different with a carpet.

If you don’t want your carpet stains to get worse, look away from the dish soap.

 Carpet cleaning is so simple. Clean it with water.

Although cleaning your carpet with water may seem harmless, think again. There can be stains that are made permanent when they come in contact with water. You also need to be careful when you choose cleaning with water.

These are just a few of the DIY cleaning tips you may find online that can harm your carpets.

(You can find more terrible tips in the next blog) Meanwhile, to make sure your carpets are safe, it is better to hire a cleaning professional.

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