5 Key Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Services for Your Business

In building a successful business, you need to stay on top of everything. One of the most crucial factors you need to consider is to the cleanliness of your office. Keeping your office clean and tidy goes a long way. Continue reading “5 Key Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Services for Your Business”

Why Retail Stores Need Cleaning Services for the Holiday Rush

As everyone goes for their annual holiday shopping, retail stores become the busiest. Business owners would agree that in-store sales increase significantly during the holidays. With this in mind, every business owner or facility manager must see to it that their stores are well-prepared for this wonderful time of the year. Continue reading “Why Retail Stores Need Cleaning Services for the Holiday Rush”

Why New Businesses Must Use Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning Services

Have you just opened a new business? Have you ever contemplated if it’s practical to hire a cleaning service or
it’s just a waste of funds? In this blog, you will find out why hiring a cleaning service is a must for your new business. Continue reading “Why New Businesses Must Use Commercial Cleaning Services”

Medical Office Cleaning: How to Choose the Best Medical Cleaners

Office Cleaning

If you run a hospital or any medical facility around Tucson AZ area, you know how important it is to stay clean and not just look clean. It has to always stay clean to avoid dangerous germs lingering around putting you and your patients at risk.

Also, a messy medical office will leave a bad impression to your patients, making them think again whether your facility can provide the level of care they expect to receive. Continue reading “Medical Office Cleaning: How to Choose the Best Medical Cleaners”

Why It’s A Good Idea to Outsource Your Office Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning Services

One of the goals of all business owners is to look for cost-saving options that won’t compromise their business operations.

Outsourcing cleaning services for your office can be a wise move for your facilities management for a number of reasons. Aside from reducing costs, it also improves the quality of cleaning and reduces the overall workload in managing your facilities. Continue reading “Why It’s A Good Idea to Outsource Your Office Cleaning Services”

What Visitors Notice First in Your Office

Office Cleaning

If there is anything that you need to prep up when looking for potential clients, it is scoring a good impression. Setting up your office is one good way to build up your reputation. How your office and commercial space look will definitely affect your business. It can be the difference between closing and losing a long-term business relationship. Continue reading “What Visitors Notice First in Your Office”

The Importance of Maintaining a Spotlessly Clean Office

When managing a business, the cleanliness of the office might not be the first priority. There
can be other concerns that need to be addressed first. Usually, most business owners only take
notice of their office when problems have already occurred. Continue reading “The Importance of Maintaining a Spotlessly Clean Office”

The Dirtiest Spots in the Office

The office, unlike what we may feel about it, is a public place. And because we spend a lot of our time in the office, we often forget about that fact. We tend to think as if we’re at home but we should always be aware that it’s nothing like our homes.

The employees coming from their houses from different places gather here. Every common facility is being used by many people. We don’t know how much germs are lurking on every surface yet we think they’re all clean.

Even though the office looks harmless and clean, you have to think twice. Read on and discover the inconvenient truths in the office. Maybe you have no idea how jam-packed of germs the following are.

  1. Elevator Buttons

Everyone uses the elevator every day. Germs accumulate most especially on the buttons. You might as well nudge them with your elbow to avoid the spread of germs.

  1. Phones and Computer Keyboards and Mice

Talk about the most touched objects. Do you regularly clean yours? It is best to have cleaning tools and sanitizers near your terminal.

  1. Sink Faucet Handles

As we all know, all the hands of all the people in the office touch the faucet handles. You’re just trying to wash your hands but are they really being cleaned in the process?

  1. Microwave and Refrigerator Door Handles

The many hands and the combination of food make these terribly dirty. You have to be careful to become in contact with these germs.

  1. Coffee Makers

Aside from the microwave and refrigerator, let us not overlook the coffee makers. How often are these cleaned, really? Next time you grab your coffee, make sure to clean it after emptying the pot.

Now you’re aware of some of the dirtiest spots in the office, try to be more careful next time. Sneezing and sniffles around the office could be a sign that you have to take part in disinfecting the everyday items you use.

Office Cleaning Tips and Hacks Every Employee Must Know

For the desk workers, the office serves as their second home. Like our homes, our workplace
can get chaotic from time to time. We can’t avoid having all sorts of clutters around. These mess
pile up and eventually can get in the way of finishing your daily office work load.

We often forget to clean our workplace because we’ve gotten used to the mess. However, as
time goes by, what our workplace looks like somehow affects our work performance. And we
don’t want these clutter to hinder our chance of promotion, do we?

If we think of it, keeping the office clean is not that difficult of a task. Although your company
most likely hires professional cleaners, it won’t hurt to give your workplace a quick cleanup. And
because the office is a fast paced environment here are a few tricks to get your work place
sparkling clean in no time.

  1. Use the adhesive side of sticky notes to wipe your keyboard’s insides. If you would
    notice, your keyboard is a home to a lot of foreign objects that are mostly food crumbs
    and dust. You may also use any adhesive if you have no sticky papers around.
  2. Try having a handheld vacuum around just to keep the pesky dust away. Dust is always the enemy. It seems like every little thing gets dust on it, literally.
  3. Clean the chairs with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing liquid. You may not notice the dirty chairs because you’re always sitting on it, but yes. It gets dirty.
  4. Reward your pair scissors by cleaning them with vinegar. Aside from keeping your scissors free from sticky residue, it will help it to avoid being rusty.
  5. Put a bowl of water inside the microwave for 2-3 minutes. This will soften the dried food inside, letting you wipe it more easily
  6. Have a microfiber cloth handy. You can use it for a quick cleanup. This is the safest way to clean those screens, from the computer monitor to your gadgets and other office tools.

Give these tricks a shot. Stay on top of the office clutter. When going home, make sure all
things are in order. You’ll soon notice that the clean and fresh vibes in your workplace improves
your productivity. To ultimately have a spotless office, top it up with deep cleaning sessions in
your office from a professional cleaning service provider.