Why Retail Stores Need Cleaning Services for the Holiday Rush

As everyone goes for their annual holiday shopping, retail stores become the busiest. Business owners would agree that in-store sales increase significantly during the holidays. With this in mind, every business owner or facility manager must see to it that their stores are well-prepared for this wonderful time of the year. Continue reading “Why Retail Stores Need Cleaning Services for the Holiday Rush”

Why New Businesses Must Use Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning Services

Have you just opened a new business? Have you ever contemplated if it’s practical to hire a cleaning service or
it’s just a waste of funds? In this blog, you will find out why hiring a cleaning service is a must for your new business. Continue reading “Why New Businesses Must Use Commercial Cleaning Services”

Medical Office Cleaning: How to Choose the Best Medical Cleaners

Office Cleaning

If you run a hospital or any medical facility around Tucson AZ area, you know how important it is to stay clean and not just look clean. It has to always stay clean to avoid dangerous germs lingering around putting you and your patients at risk.

Also, a messy medical office will leave a bad impression to your patients, making them think again whether your facility can provide the level of care they expect to receive. Continue reading “Medical Office Cleaning: How to Choose the Best Medical Cleaners”

Why It’s A Good Idea to Outsource Your Office Cleaning Services

Office Cleaning Services

One of the goals of all business owners is to look for cost-saving options that won’t compromise their business operations.

Outsourcing cleaning services for your office can be a wise move for your facilities management for a number of reasons. Aside from reducing costs, it also improves the quality of cleaning and reduces the overall workload in managing your facilities. Continue reading “Why It’s A Good Idea to Outsource Your Office Cleaning Services”

The Perks of Hiring Holiday Cleaners

Holiday Cleaners

Holiday season is just around the corner and every household must already be prepping up with all sorts of decorations, gift list, and fun activities for family and friends.

However, one thing most households fail to plan is hiring cleaning service during the holidays. Hiring holiday cleaners completes the “holiday experience” for you and your family. We have here a list of perquisites for you when you finally decide to get help from a cleaning service for the coming holiday season. Continue reading “The Perks of Hiring Holiday Cleaners”

The Most Common Commercial Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid Making

Commercial Cleaning

Proper office facilities management plays an important role in any type of business, big or small. One good way in boosting your employees’ productivity and at the same time attract more potential clients is to maintain a clean and orderly business space.

However, you can’t be on the watch whether your commercial space gets cleaned the right way or not. This is why most business owners choose to hire professional commercial cleaners because they know very well how important cleanliness is for their business.

If you are starting small however and hiring professional cleaners won’t be possible, you will have to be aware of the things you should do and should not do when cleaning your commercial space.

Keep reading and learn about the cleaning tasks that you could have been doing wrong all along.

Skipping the areas which looks and smells clean.

This has been a universal misconception when it comes to cleaning. Just because it looks and smells clean, it doesn’t make it really clean. For the record, there are still germs, bacteria and other disease-causing agents that may roam around without you even knowing.

If it bubbles and it smells fresh then it can be used for cleaning.

Many of us just grab any cleaning product from the shelf and clean anything with it. This is something you should never put to practice. This could damage your assets. For example, there are certain floor types which requires specialized cleaning solution. You can’t just use cleaning solutions for everything.

Here are the Three Main Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Services

Moving your cleaning schedule to another day.

When running a business, there are days when you become overwhelmed with all the things that should be done that cleaning is often set aside. While this can be normal, you need to avoid this habit. As the days go by,
you tend to get busier. Schedule regular cleaning to avoid any issues in the future.

As your business grow, you will have to delegate the cleaning to the professionals so you’ll have more time and focus. At The Master Clean Group, LLC, our entire staff is well trained in all aspects of cleaning. We assure our clients that we have the expertise and skill set to finish our job professionally with the safety of your business in mind. Call us today at 520-440-7928!

Residential Cleaning Tips to Get Rid of Germs and Diseases

Residential Cleaning

Cleaning is not enough to make your house a healthier place to live in. You also have to make sure that you’re doing it right. Follow this guide and learn some tips to prevent germs from spreading and to lessen the likelihood of your family to get sick.

Tip #1

Create a cleaning routine. If you just clean whenever you think of it, then you will most probably end up with a messy and germy home. You should stick to this routine as much as possible. If you’re too busy, you can always call in a professional residential cleaning services.

Tip #2

Be aware of the main contact points in your home. This may include your faucet, every door knob and handle, the remote control, the toilet and even your computers and phones. It’s important to have these contact points and every surface in your home cleaned thoroughly and frequently.

You may use disinfectants to kill germs and stop them from spreading.

Tip #3

You need to learn the art and the science of disinfecting surfaces. If you are using a disinfectant, make sure you know how to properly use it if you want effective results.

Learn about the Top Contributors of Spreading Germs in the Office

Tip #4

Make sure your cleaning tools are not dirty, or else you’re just spreading dirt and germs rather than cleaning them. One of the commonly used cleaning item is the sponge. Your sponge is probably home to millions of diseases-causing bacteria so you better disinfect it or change it more regularly

Tip #5

Be mindful of your kitchen tools such as your cutting board. While it may seem harmless, did you know that the cutting board has 200 times more fecal bacteria than a toilet seat? Make sure you disinfect all your kitchen tools if you don’t want to get sick from all those germs.

Tip #6

Are you washing your hand enough? This is key in preventing the spread of germs and will keep you from getting sick. Please beware of all the shared items you have at home like your bedding or your dining utensils.

Move-Out Cleaning Checklist to Get Your Security Deposit Back

Move Out Cleaning

You might have waited so long for the day you are moving out of your apartment.

Moving out can mean having the ultimate fresh start. But before you can actually move out and move in to your new apartment, you first have to make sure that you will be leaving no trace in your old apartment– that is, if you want to claim your deposit.

It’s important to note that aside from cleaning, your landlord may pull an amount from your security deposit for anything that is out of order. It’s high likely that your landlord will be keen in inspecting your apartment, making your security deposit at stake.

You will then have to be on top of your move-out cleaning. You have to make sure that everything is carefully taken care of (aside from any electrical or plumbing issues).

For your convenience, here is a checklist of the areas and things that you should not forget when you have your apartment cleaned for the last time.

Generally, you will have to:

 Dust and wipe all surfaces

 Make the windows sparkling clean

 Remove all the screws, hooks or nails you’ve put on the walls

 Sweep, mop and vacuum

In the Kitchen:

 Cabinets, shelves and drawers

 Countertops

 All the appliances

 Sinks and faucet

In the Bathroom:

 Mirrors

 Toilet

 Shower and Bathtubs

 Tiles

 Sink

 Cabinets, shelves and drawers

In Common Living Spaces

 Walls

 Windows

 Switches and Outlets

 Carpets and Rugs

 Vents

 Doors

Check out these Residential Cleaning Tips to Get Rid of Germs and Diseases

In moving out of your apartment, remember that there will be new tenants to live in it.

Give your old apartment a fresh vibe before you leave. You can go through the list above or if you want a hassle-free moving, you can call in a professional home cleaning service to it all for you. Happy moving!

Why Hire a Professional Office Carpet Cleaning Service?

Carpet Cleaning Services

Keeping the office clean and orderly goes a long way. There can be a number of reasons to maintain a tidy office. It builds up the right image that your business is doing good. A clean working environment fosters productivity among employees. Moreover, a clean and organized office can attract potential partners and clients.

Having clean and fine-looking carpets makes a huge impact in the appearance of your office. However, due to the regular foot traffic, these carpets can easily become dirty and unattractive.

Continue reading and learn about the top reasons why you should highly consider hiring a professional office carpet cleaning service.

1. They got all the experience and skills necessary in office carpet cleaning. Thus, it is rest assured that your office carpet gets to be cleaned properly. They’ll certainly reach your expectations or even exceed them.

2. If you assign the office carpet cleaning to your staff, they’d feel demoralized.

They are hired for specific roles so requiring them to clean the office especially the carpet is a no-no. Moreover, this would disrupt business operations as the office staff will not be able to focus on what they really need to do. Leave the cleaning to the professional cleaners.

3. They know how to perform thorough dusting on your carpet which eliminates the risk of respiratory hazards from the allergens present in your dusty carpet.

4. You will be able to prolong the lifespan of your office carpet because professional carpet cleaners know exactly how to handle every type of carpet and every kind of dirt or stain there is.

5. They use industrial strength vacuums to easily remove the micro dirt particles preventing your carpet to wear out. They are able to clean your carpet entirely without harming its fibers.

6. A professional carpet cleaner knows very well how to treat contaminants lying deep in your carpet. These bacteria and molds are spread because of moisture.

You Should Avoid these Carpet Cleaning Tips for DIYers

With all these reasons, it is easier to see why working with professional office carpet cleaners can be one of your best decisions for your business. When you have your office carpet professionally cleaned, your carpet lasts longer. You can also be sure that these carpet are deep-cleaned.