Nermin Dedovic

Meet the Owner

Nermin Dedovic was a resident of Bosnia Herzegovina who moved to the US over 14 years ago. With his arrival in the US, came the arrival of Master Clean Group LLC, a professional cleaning company that focuses on providing excellent and affordable cleaning services to the community.

His dedication to the community, customers and associates is one of the driving factors in the success of Master Clean Group LLC until today. He and his team value honesty and integrity in the business and will never fail to respect the needs of the customer.

Many more years later in 2022 he opened a brand new branch of Master Clean Group focusing on expert renovation and landscaping that will be provided to the community. That new team is called MCG Property Improvements.

MCG Property Improvements has the same goal of providing honest and excellent service as Master Clean Group, but with a focus on renovation and landscaping. MCG Property Improvements will further expand the service that Nermin and his team can provide to the community.

Simply providing cleaning services wasn’t enough to satisfy his need to give back to the community that welcomed him 14 years ago. When Nermin opened Master Clean Group in 2004, his dedication to great service has led to greater and greater things for the community that he values so dearly. With the opening of MCG Property Improvements, he hopes to further give back to the community with both excellent cleaning, renovation and landscaping that can’t be beat.