Fact: Pets are adorable. Another fact: They can be very messy around the house.

By having a pet around, studies suggest that you’ll be happier and even healthier. However, keeping the place tidy and smelling fresh can be quite a challenge at times.

Here at the Master Clean Group, we understand how much you care about your pets even if they can turn the entire place into a mess. So we’ve put together this short guide to help you keep your house clean AND your pet at the same time.

On Managing Animal Hair

If there’s one thing that every pet owner struggles with when cleaning the house, it’s most probably the animal hair all over the place.

What to do about it:

  • Get a quality vacuum cleaner. This will help in clearing the place from hairs and also get rid of the bad odors. Some pet owners have an automatic vacuum around to keep picking up the hairs even if they’re not around.
  • Lint rollers also work wonders for many areas around the house such as the furniture, throw pillows and basically anywhere that your pet has been to.

On Protecting Your Furniture

We all know how pets can potentially ruin our couch. If you can’t keep them off it, then here are some ways to pet-proof your precious furniture.

  • The easiest way to protect your furniture from your pet is to put on covers.  You can have your furniture covered with blankets or slipcovers.
  • You may have to consider avoiding wood furniture if you don’t want to end up frustrated with it being chewed up or having claw marks.
  • Upgrade your furniture to material that goes well with pets such as leather and microfiber. By doing this, you’ll be able to avoid fur, odor and pet stains problems.

Professional Deep Cleaning by the Master Clean Group

Even if you can keep your pet’s little messes at bay, you may want to consider getting help from professional cleaners to make sure your home is completely clean. Get your carpets deep cleaned and have all the areas in your house free from dust, allergens and animal hairs with our professional house cleaning services.

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