Decluttering is the best way to simplify your life and restore a sense of order to your home. However, being a hoarder is not easy and you might find it difficult to declutter.

Your decluttering journey doesn’t need to be painful. Here are 6 tips you can try to declutter your home effectively:
  1. Create a Plan
Take five to ten minutes of your time to think of what needs to be done. Plan where to start and make a checklist for each part of the house.
  1. Work in Small Increments of Time
Don’t stress. You don’t need to finish decluttering the entire house in a day. Decluttering takes a lot of time and effort. Working in small sessions of time will help you keep your focus and make the task easier.
  1. Be objective
Take an objective look at your belongings and how these things are useful or not to you. As you tackle your things, ask yourself: When was the last time I used it? Do I need it right now? Will I need it soon? Is it broken? Is it outdated? Is it no longer useful? Do I still like it? Does it add value to my life?
  1. Have a Trash Bag Handy
Decluttering means getting rid of items you don’t need. In order to make decluttering as easy as possible, make sure you have a trash bag handy. For personal and confidential documents, run them through a shedder before disposing them.
  1. Write up Labels
Decluttering also involves sorting through your things and organizing them. Finding clutter in different areas of your home where they don’t belong can be frustrating. Identify what’s what by writing up labels.
  1. Declutter your Home from Top to Bottom
Similar to cleaning your home, you should also declutter from top to bottom. Start at the top level of your home and work your way down the bottom.