Today, we are surrounded by many electronics. There are computers, mobile phones,
cameras and tablets everywhere. To be able to take care of these devices, you should
know how to properly clean and maintain these. You don’t want to ruin your electronics
while cleaning it, do you?

If you finally decided to clean the electronics you have inside your home, here are some
tips from us at the Master Clean Group on how to give special care to the electronics
inside your home.

1. Safety comes first.

Before cleaning electronic devices, always remember to turn off or unplug them. This will reduce the risk of shock. If you hired a professional cleaner, tell them where the circuit breaker is for their safety.

2. Keep in mind that water doesn’t go along well with electronics.

In cleaning the cover or the outer layer of electronics, you should use cleaning materials that remove dirt that don’t use water or any other harsh cleansing supplies. Tissue paper can be bad for your devices. They can potentially cause scratches especially on glass surfaces. You can use a microfiber cloth instead. Microfiber is safe to use on any hardware.

3. Have you ever cleaned a keyboard before?

You may wipe off dust or sticky matter on its surface but there can be many foreign objects deep down between keys. The best way to clean this is by using a can of compressed air to blow off foreign matter. These tiny particles can reduce the functionality of keyboards so it is best to eliminate these before they build up.

4. For general cleaning of sticky and stained surfaces, you may use cotton swabs or cloth moistened with diluted solution, part water and part alcohol. Alcohol is good for general surfaces (except screens) because it can quickly dry.

5. Screens are particularly sensitive to any cleaning object. Be sure to use gentle agents on them.

It is best to leave the cleaning for other sensitive electronics to the professionals to avoid major damages.