Whether you’re meeting with a valued client or with your team to discuss important business matters, it pays to have a clean and organized venue. It goes without saying that even the smallest detail may affect the outcome of your meeting. After all, you don’t want clutter to get in the way, do you?

So, before it turns tragic. here are some really good office tidying tips to keep in mind when you’re about to have an important meeting at your office.  

Tip # 1: Be aware of what your visitors first notice when entering your office.

How does your office smell? Are desks free of clutter?  Are the chairs all in place? If you’re expecting important visitors, it’s important to make a good impression.

Here’s What Visitors First Notice in Your Office.

Tip # 2: It’s not all about the looks.

When preparing for an important meeting, it does not end with an office looking neat. It must smell and feel clean as well. No matter how spotlessly clean your surrounding appears, if something ‘smells’ off, then it still might go from hero to zero. Why not try a humidifier? It can do wonders.

Tip # 3: Schedule routine dusting and vacuuming.

Dirt and dust accumulate over time and they won’t help the ambience of your meeting room. So, instead of deep cleaning surfaces and carpets right before important meetings, why not schedule it regularly? This way, you won’t get caught off-guard.

Tip # 4: Take out trash regularly.

We can all get too busy in the office that we don’t even notice how garbage sits in containers for long periods of time. Your office as to stay free from unwanted germs and odors, so it’s crucial to remove garbage as quickly as possible.

Tip # 5: Pay close attention to the finer details in your office.

Are wires all over the place? Do paper stacks take most of the surfaces? Find a way to make it easier for your employees to tidy up on their own little way. Providing file cabinets, racks and cable tidies can greatly help.

These simple tips may seem too easy follow but you know very well how they can also be easily forgotten. Hiring a commercial cleaning company is the surefire way to keep your office clean and presentable. Master Clean Group, LLC offers  commercial and janitorial cleaning services, floor cleaning, house cleaning, holiday cleaning and more! Contact us today at 520-440-7928 for FREE consultation!