It is nice to have a properly cleaned house where everything's in place. But for most of us, this isn't easy. Maintaining a clean home can be difficult especially when you have kids, pets, or even just when you're too busy doing the more important things in your life.

Moreover, a lot of us think that cleaning the entire house can be exhausting and tedious. Yes it could be, however, you don't necessarily have to spend the whole day cleaning it. Follow these 5 easy home cleaning tips and hacks for a properly cleaned and presentable home:
  1. Make a system
Have a routine and clean your house in the same order every time. Consistency is the key. Let the speed come from the system instead from hurrying. This system will help you clean your house in half the time.
  1. Top-Bottom, Left-Right
Start from top to bottom and clean from left to right. Work on one particular area of the house at a time. Make sure you start and finish at the same area so you don't need to go back and forth.
  1. Prepare the proper tools and products
Avoid wasting time running back and forth to the cabinets. Have all the right tools and products ready. Be sure to wear and apron and fill the pockets with several small tools and cleaner bottles. A caddy can be really useful too in keeping everything you need at arm's reach.
  1. Use Lemons
Lemons are amazingly useful. They not only help us in making our favorite dishes but they can also do wonders for home cleaning. They make an amazing all-purpose kitchen cleaner. The acid of lemon dissolves rust and stains. Using a lemon is also the easiest and simplest way to clean your microwave.
  1. Clean regularly
Cleaning regularly will cut down your cleaning time. Maintenance cleaning is always better than catch-up cleaning. So once you’ve deep-cleaned your house, try to maintain it by cleaning once every week. When cleaning gets too hard, remember you can always hire professional cleaners to save you from stress.