Many of us will have to agree that the garage is more than just a residential parking space. It can be our own warehouse, workshop, and even a place to chill out.

As homeowners, we usually overlook the garage because we are too focused in every detail of beautifying our homes. But if everything is settled, it is never too late to give your garage the makeover it deserves.

To help you out, here are some brilliant ideas to maximize your garage space. 	
  1. Free up space by throwing away old, unused and broken things.

This is the first step in optimizing your garage space. You’ll get to know how much space can be saved by throwing away things that you don’t need anymore. Old and broken items just take up space and you have to understand that. Every once in a while, you need to let go of things to give space for your new stuff. You can have scheduled decluttering it if that’s more effective.
  1. Empty walls? Good.

More often, you’ll see random things on the floor consuming so much space (and energy to look at). Really, it’s about time you hang those things up. You can install wall-rack systems and organizers to hold everything in place. It is best to hang items which are more frequently used.
  1. Invest in good storage containers.

Getting enough storage for all the clutter in your garage will clear up space and prevent you from always looking for lost items. It also adds to the safety of you and your family as harmful tools or substances are being properly kept. Make sure to use clear plastic storage bins to be able to locate your things easily. You can also stack a mix of shelves. For the toxic items, it is ideal to have lockable storage.
  1. Got more overhead space? Perfect!

Install ceiling-mounted racks or lay down boards across the ceiling beams for additional storage. All those items that are used less frequently can occupy these spaces.
  1. Consider having adjustable workbench.

Folding furniture units are great space-savers. By having a folding workbench, you can have your garage both as a parking space and a workspace at the same time. Did these tips inspire you to reorganize your garage? Have you thought of more ways to maximize space? Take the time to assess your humble garage and you’ll realize the amount of space you have been missing out.