The Top 3 Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Professional Home Cleaning Service

While hiring a professional home cleaning service seems to be impractical, as you
continue to read on, you will realize that this might be the most practical decision that
you’ll ever make.

We have gathered here three of the top reasons to consider why you should call in a
professional home cleaning service.

  1. You actually save more when everything is being kept clean.

    For all we know, building and setting up your home is one of the biggest
    investments there is in life. You will have to put in a lot of money, time and effort
    to be able to set up your home, sweet home. Now, imagine how much it would
    cost to have your stuff at home repaired, renovated or replaced. We wouldn’t
    want that, right? That is why maintaining your home is really important. From the
    floors, countertops, walls and all the surfaces, even the appliances — all should
    be kept clean regularly so that we won’t have to do repair or replacements in the
    future which would cost us even more.

  2. Every corner in your place should be cleaned, too.

    To be honest, as a homeowner, you can never perfectly clean everything in the
    house at once. After all, cleaning is not the only thing in your list of chores.
    Maybe you do well in fixing your bedroom but you can’t keep your bathroom
    spotless. The thing is, we have to admit that we need to have all the help we can
    get especially with the things we hate doing. Can you imagine how wonderful it is
    to just live in your home without the stress of having to clean after? You will
    never have to hold that scrub brush ever again! Imagine that.

  3. Your time is too precious to be spent on cleaning alone.

    How many times did you dream of unwinding on your free days? When was the
    last time you went to hang out with family and friends? It’s not cool when your
    time during free days is spent on cleaning the house. The cost of hiring a
    professional cleaning service is nothing compared to the time, comfort and inner
    peace it could bring to you.

Budgeting for a cleaning service is like rewarding yourself and your family. It would truly
be one of your good spends.

Office Cleaning Tips and Hacks Every Employee Must Know

For the desk workers, the office serves as their second home. Like our homes, our workplace
can get chaotic from time to time. We can’t avoid having all sorts of clutters around. These mess
pile up and eventually can get in the way of finishing your daily office work load.

We often forget to clean our workplace because we’ve gotten used to the mess. However, as
time goes by, what our workplace looks like somehow affects our work performance. And we
don’t want these clutter to hinder our chance of promotion, do we?

If we think of it, keeping the office clean is not that difficult of a task. Although your company
most likely hires professional cleaners, it won’t hurt to give your workplace a quick cleanup. And
because the office is a fast paced environment here are a few tricks to get your work place
sparkling clean in no time.

  1. Use the adhesive side of sticky notes to wipe your keyboard’s insides. If you would
    notice, your keyboard is a home to a lot of foreign objects that are mostly food crumbs
    and dust. You may also use any adhesive if you have no sticky papers around.
  2. Try having a handheld vacuum around just to keep the pesky dust away. Dust is always the enemy. It seems like every little thing gets dust on it, literally.
  3. Clean the chairs with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and dishwashing liquid. You may not notice the dirty chairs because you’re always sitting on it, but yes. It gets dirty.
  4. Reward your pair scissors by cleaning them with vinegar. Aside from keeping your scissors free from sticky residue, it will help it to avoid being rusty.
  5. Put a bowl of water inside the microwave for 2-3 minutes. This will soften the dried food inside, letting you wipe it more easily
  6. Have a microfiber cloth handy. You can use it for a quick cleanup. This is the safest way to clean those screens, from the computer monitor to your gadgets and other office tools.

Give these tricks a shot. Stay on top of the office clutter. When going home, make sure all
things are in order. You’ll soon notice that the clean and fresh vibes in your workplace improves
your productivity. To ultimately have a spotless office, top it up with deep cleaning sessions in
your office from a professional cleaning service provider.

Surprising Benefits of Having a Clean Home

As we get busy with our ‘daily grind’, we often forget and set aside keeping the house clean. We
regard it as less of a priority because we fail to see what good it does to us. Unexpectedly, a
clean house serves us useful benefits.

A clean home calms your nerves.

To be honest, nothing gets more rewarding than going home to a tidy house from a
stressful and tiring day. Going home to a messy house triggers more stress, leaving you
more exhausted. Imagine how calming it is if you went home and then just sit back and

Unconsciously, your mind and body gets comfortable and stress-free just by having a
clean house.

Daily tasks get done easily if you live in a tidy home.

A clean home can unexpectedly energize you to do more and finish more. If there are
clutters everywhere, you hardly finish a task because you find yourself always distracted.
You may not notice it but these minor distractions keep you from actually finishing the
things that really matter. When you have tidy home, you’ll get a win-win solution to
procrastination: less distractions, more accomplishments.

Lost and forgotten things appear when you tidy up.

Getting tired of having your things misplaced or lost every single day? When you have a
clean home, looking for the things you have misplaced will be done in no time. Life isn’t
easy but by that we can make it simpler. Little by little, minimize the clutter by getting rid of
unneeded items in the household. Organizing your home saves you time, finding the things
you need when you need them.

Now that you have a few points to consider why maintain your home well-ordered, why not
make it a habit and lifestyle to keep your home neat. A little tidying is nothing compared to the
benefits it would bring you.