Residential Cleaning: The Power of Sprint Cleaning

Cleaning your house can be a daunting task – especially if you have tons of things to do, places to go, and when you have little messy kids at home. Sometimes, it feels impossible. Well, we hate to break it to you but cleaning is one thing, maintaining your house clean is a whole new story. But you know what, it doesn’t have to be so difficult if you just create a simple process.

Ever heard of the term sprint cleaning? It’s literally cleaning as fast as you can. You may think that fast cleaning won’t work especially when you need to do the deep cleaning but hear us out.

No matter how long you clean your bathroom, or your kitchen, or any room in your house, the reality is, it will go back to being dirty in a few minutes. So instead of doing it longer, do it smarter.

Spend a couple of minutes wiping down the counter, sweeping, putting out toys, throwing trash, and mopping the floor. Let’s say, you allocate 5 minutes for each cleaning task. So, in the morning, you will only spend roughly 20 to 30 minutes cleaning the house.

When you find another chance in the afternoon or at night, do the same thing. Spend another 20 to 30 minutes cleaning. Sounds simple, but you’ll be surprised at the difference it will make.

How to keep your house clean in less than 30 minutes:

The secret to maintaining your house clean is creating a simple cleaning process that you can follow on any given day.

  1. Put things back where you get them – Don’t wait for another day or another month to do so. It’s easy to clean when things are in order. Not to mention, it’s easier to find things if they’re consistently being returned to their respective place.
  2. Wipe off the dust – It won’t take a lot of effort to get a rug or a duster and wipe off the dust. You can do it while reading a book, watching television, etc. Easy, right?
  3. Get everyone to follow – Creating a house rule is definitely important in keeping your house clean. You have to make sure that everyone is on board with keeping your house orderly, no matter how old or young they may be.
  4. Throw your trash in the garbage can – Seriously, how hard can it be? If we can just all throw all our trash straight to the can, then life will be so much easier.
  5. Wash your dishes or any other kitchen utensils right after you use them – Don’t wait for them to pile up in the sink. It’s so much easier to wash your dishes when you clean them as you go.


3 Main Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Services


Getting commercial cleaning services gives your business a lot of benefits. When you say commercial cleaning services, it refers to an overall umbrella phrase for different jobs associated with various types of cleaning. These cleaning services are important for both small and huge business owners.

Of course, if you are a business owner, it’s important to maintain a clean and organized office space. Doing so can help you in building a good impression to your clients and prospects.

Let’s admit it. Even if you want to do the cleaning yourself, you just won’t achieve the results you desire. If you’re running a business, you need to consider outsourcing the cleaning and focus on what you do best – running the business and getting more clients/projects.

In fact, even professionals are turning to professional commercial cleaning services to make their house spotless without putting extra weight on their shoulders.

Still not convinced? Here are some of the main benefits of commercial cleaning services:

  1. Helps in reducing business cost and maximize time

Hiring commercial cleaning professionals will help you in reducing business cost in the long run. It also helps you in maximizing your employees’, and thus, your time. Instead of spending time and money training people to do the job, these professionals already know what to do.

Aside from that, commercial cleaners also provide discounts for business owners for regular services.

  1. Environment-friendly cleaning materials and strategy

Since they are professionals, commercial cleaners know the best cleaning materials to use in cleaning your office. They also have their own cleaning routine that is effective and proven.

Commercial cleaning service companies are licensed. Therefore, you can be sure that the cleaning materials that they will use are safe, non-toxic, and environment-friendly.

  1. Efficient and effective cleaning

Cleaning business is a serious business. They are made up of well-trained cleaning professionals who deliver. They are equipped with the right knowledge on every aspect of their job that’s why you are assured that you will get nothing but efficient and effective cleaning.


Residential Cleaning – TMCG Work of Magic – March 2018

Residential cleaning has never been this easy with The Master Clean Group. Every day, our super team does their very best to make sure that our clients are happy with our spotless cleaning.

Here are some of our before and after cleaning projects:


BEFORE: This carpet has a huge black stain. If you’ll look at it, it seems impossible to remove it. It looks really dirty and can be a really huge focal point in the living room – but not in a good way!

AFTER: Just look at that! Yes, the stain is still there, but it’s not that noticeable anymore.

BEFORE: This floor really needs a little scrubbing!!

AFTER: Woah! What a transformation! From messy to shiny – ready to welcome your guests!


BEFORE: This gas range could use a little lovin’. Stains everywhere, and oh, is that a meatball?

AFTER: Wow! Good as new. You won’t even recognize it!

BEFORE: This oven looks a little rusty.

AFTER: Say what now? Spot on!!